Hip replacements

Hip replacements

Muller, Charnley , Thompson, conical , Bipolar and medular plugs .

Hip prostheses are a family of different designs, intended to replace the femoral head and acetabulum.
Can be replaced both surfaces or only one of them, defining the total or partial prostheses.
The femoral component may be of one piece (monobloc) or more (modular).The Hip Arthroplasty may also primary or revision.

Partial hip prosthesis

Partial dentures associated femoral head prosthesis with the patient’s acetabulum. The heads may be fixed or modular, in that case can be mono or bipolar.
Within the partial are the offspring of Austin Moore (uncemented) and Thompson (cemented).


Total arthroplasties, femoral stem

In total implants the .Muller, Charnley and Conical designs (cemented), and anatomical CP3 and Biomec (uncemented) are manufactured.

Cemented femoral stem
Uncemented femoral stem

These last femoral stems are from Brazil Biomecanica brand.


Acetabular component

The Cemented hip sockets are made in HDPE. Non-Cemented are Biomec III Biomecanica Brazil.

Cemented acetabular
Uncemented acetabular


Heads canal stops

Core plugs or polyethylene Polymer is.

Heads canal stops
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