Extralock Sternal osteosynthesis systems

Extralock Sternal osteosynthesis systems

Rigid Sternal plates

Used for primary sternal closure in open heart surgerys or sternal Reconstruction Surgery in case of multiple fractures. Made in differents shapes and designs, allows a strong and Effective sternotomy closure .

Sternal plates QRS

Used for primary sternal closure on open heart surgeries . Allows a strong sternal closure , with the possibility of Quick Release system (QRS) in case of Emergency or reoperation. Avoid the Need of remove screws and plates , keeping the the used plate and replacing only the opening device .

Sternal clip Extralock

Sternal closure system for sternotomy. Easy to install, reduces dehiscence risks. Ideal in cases of osteoporotic bone or poor bone quality. Resist distraction forces seven times greater than conventional systems
Sternal plates with QRS (fast release system)
Sternal rigid plates
Plates for minitoracotomy

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