The Endo-Exo® integrated femoral prosthesis is a concept of prostheses that use
for 15 years for amputees with many advantages over a prosthesis with shaft.
The integrated Endo-Exo® femoral prosthesis transfuses the pressure of walking
to the femur and the joint.


Advantages of the Endo-Exo® integrated femoral prosthesis:

  • Movement of the prosthesis with precision
  • Unlike traditional joint prostheses, possible variations in the volume of the residual limb have no effect on the prosthesis seat.

  • A safer and more harmonious transition
  • The forces are transferred directly from the bones to the stem of the prosthesis

  • The hip is subjected to natural form, reducing osteoporosis
  • The external prosthesis can be placed and removed in a few seconds with the patient in a sitting position

  • No skin irritation due to friction or heat
  • The prosthesis can be used for long periods of time without causing pain, discomfort or mobility problems

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