Distal support

Distal support

The distal support femoral implant allows patients who have a lower extremity amputated or whose lower extremity will be amputated at the transfemoral level using an external distal loading prosthesis, thus decreasing the uncomfortable ischial load of the existing ischial prosthesis, which allows maximizing the benefits of a distal socket without proximal obstacles, mimicking a disarticulated knee.

More resistance

Increase autonomy.

Better biomechanics

Needs less support.

Less discomfort in the stump

The support of the ischium is eliminated.
Windows can be opened in the lace.

Greater control of the prosthesis Improvement in the femur

The implant supports distally in the lace and the femur returns to receive loads.

Healthy leg

The charges go through of the femur, what keeps your bone mineral density.

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